Hand Crafted Yi Xing Clay Pot - 宜兴紫砂茶壶

Hand Crafted Yi Xing Clay Pot - 宜兴紫砂茶壶


Product: Yixing Zisha Clay Tea Pot 宜兴紫砂壶 (comes with silk pouch and wooden box)

Style: Shi Piao 石瓢

Clay: Aged Red Clay 红泥

Volume: 140ml

Weight: 1.7 lbs

Craft: Handcrafted 手工

Care: Rise with only hot water, no soap or cleaning products should be used on the teapots.

Do not store in extreme weather conditions: when transporting teapot from cold storage please let teapot arrive to room temperature before brewing hot tea, otherwise teapot will risk cracking.

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This beautiful handmade teapot holds roughly 140 ml of water when empty and has Leafy Green's logo delicately and discreetly engraved on the side. It comes in a beautiful wood box & silk pouch, and ships from the US.  The pots are made with hongni clay from Yixing.
They are handmade with the assistance of a molding. The artist is able to make ~2 tea pots per day.
The artist is Xie Le, and his name is stamped on the bottom of the pot
The teapot was made in Yixing, China in 2018.

Disclaimer: These tea pots are individually hand crafted, they are one of a kind creations and not factory manufactured. As a result products will have subtle variations from one piece to the next, caused by variations in the clay as well as the hand crafting. These teapots will absorb a tiny amount of tea and will develop a coating over use.