Handmade Bamboo Matcha Chasen

Handmade Bamboo Matcha Chasen


Bamboo Matcha Chasen

Material: Bamboo

Country 0f Origin: Japan

Height:  around 4.5 inches

Width: around 1 inch

How to use the Chasen

To prepare the Chasen for use, half-fill your Matcha Bowl (Chawan) with boiling water and soak the Chasen in the water for 30 seconds, turning occasionally.

Whisk your Matcha by moving the Chasen in an “M” or “W” shape as fast as you can until you have a pale, creamy froth.

How to care for your Chasen

Always soak the Chasen in hot water before whisking Matcha. After use, lightly rinse the Chasen and pat dry. Do not leave the base standing in water as it may cause it to crack.



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Many Matcha whisks on the market today are produced in China. Our whisks are 100% handcrafted in Japan. 

The birthplace of Chasen is a small town called Yuwa Takayama, and this is where our Chasen are made. Yuwa Takayama has produced over 90% of Chasen in Japan for over 500 years. 

Our Chasen is made by hand using a small knife to delicately cut the bamboo into 80-100 fine prongs, each less than 0.1mm at the thinnest point. Our craftsman, Inada Yusetsu san, is one of only 15 certified traditional Chasen craftsman in Japan. Due to the fine nature of the work, he only produce at most 7 Chasen per day.

The raw material of our Chasen consist only of the highest quality bamboo from Kansai/Shikoku region. Mr. Inada Yusetsu carefully select only 3 year old bamboo, which is then aged in sunshine for 2-3 years before it can be used to make Chasen. Each of our Chasen is sealed with a stamp guaranteeing that it is hand made by a certified traditional craftsman. 

Using this Chasen will help you get the perfect creamy froth and a silky smooth consistency from our matcha.