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Category: Oolong

Origin: Lugu, Taiwan

Harvest: Winter 2018

Sitting between a green and a black tea, traditional Oolong is naturally withered by the sun and air, bruised through rolling, and allowed to semi-oxidize before being twisted and rolled into small spheres with purple and green hues prior to a final charcoal roast.

Grown on Dong Ding mountain in Taiwan, this Oolong is harvested from a 4th generation farm and nurtured using a distinct set of cultivar to bring forth its optimized flavor. Handpicked and slow roasted over charcoal wood, our Dong Ding Oolong represents the coupling of impeccably grown leaves harvested under optimal conditions in the high mountains of Taiwan and traditionally processed by an expert tea master.

With a shorter roasting process compared to our Heavy Roast variety, the Light Roast Dong Ding has mellow notes of honey and an inviting cinnamon flavor.

Naturally rich in probiotics, oolong is optimal for a happy belly. Coupled with its caffeine this is the perfect tea to start your day.

Tasting Notes: sweet cinnamon flavor with a mellow honey richness, ending notes of floral notes

History: Dong Ding Oolong represents one of the most genuine and original flavors of Taiwan. The craft of this style of Oolong is in large part thankful to the early Fujianese settlers in this area of Nantou county that looked to nature and saw that it was perfect for making a good Oolong; in a similar fashion to Tieguanyin of Anxi county in central Fujian in mainland China. Dong Ding Oolong that came to develop, retained some qualities of that famous tea and created some of its own processing and roasting techniques to create its characteristic flavor.

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Whole leaves can take a little longer to steep, but the taste more than makes up for it. 

Every tea is unique and can be brewed in different ways. The chart below is to be used suggestively as a guide for brewing this tea, we think it's a good place to get started. Steeping time may vary based on your personal taste or on how many infusions have already been done. Experiment with the brewing of your tea to discover its unique character.

Please note: Rinse the tea in teapot with a quick application of hot water, discard the liquid immediately. Add additional hot water to start 1st steeping

Suggested Brewing Method: Gongfu style in a clay tea pot or gaiwan:

3 grams or 1.5 teaspoons per 6oz of water

3 grams or 1.5 teaspoons per 6oz of water

Boiling Water  212°F or 100°C

Boiling Water

212°F or 100°C

increments of 5 seconds (add 5 seconds to each additional steep)

increments of 5 seconds (add 5 seconds to each additional steep)

Re-steep up to 8+ times!

Re-steep up to 8+ times!