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Green Tea

Matcha is a micro-fine powdered green tea from Japan. It typically comes in four grades, the finest of which (i.e. the one that Leafy Green sells) has been used in the country’s famous tea ceremony for centuries.

Matcha is produced each Spring. Its leaves grow in the shade of a traditional tana covering for several weeks before they’re plucked. After plucking, the leaves are ground into powder in a granite stone mill.

Tasting Notes: Ceremony-grade Matcha tea has an especially high concentration of amino acids, which produces a more complex taste and aroma. It has a silky, smooth mouth feel and bright, grassy notes.

The Japanese have a word for Matcha’s unique taste: “Umami.” It’s a meaty flavor that isn’t bitter, salty, sweet or sour.

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Because Matcha is very finely ground, it’s more sensitive to heat, air and light than other teas are. It also has a shorter shelf life than whole-leaf teas do after you open it. For these reasons, we recommend storing Matcha in your refrigerator—this can help it stay fresh for longer. Also, it’s best to drink it as soon as possible.


Here are two different ways to prepare Matcha:

Option 1 - Usucha (Thin Matcha)

  1. Place 1 teaspoon (2-3 scoops of chashaku) of Matcha in a bowl or glass
  2. Add 70ml of hot water or milk (heat it to 158ᵒF-176ᵒF/70ᵒC-80ᵒC)
  3. Whisk or stir rapidly in a “W” or “M” shape until the tea is frothy.

Option 2 - Koicha (Thick Matcha)

  1. Place 2 teaspoons (4-6 scoops of chashaku) of Matcha in a bowl or glass
  2. Add 50ml of hot water (heat it to 158ᵒF-176ᵒF/70ᵒC-80ᵒC)
  3. Knead or stir slowly to dissolve the Matcha. End result should resemble pudding texture.
 158°F - 176°F or 70°C - 80°C

158°F - 176°F or 70°C - 80°C

 25+ cups of tea!

25+ cups of tea!