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direct trade . transparent pricing . premium teas


Our Approach

Direct trade

Leafy Green is here to update the existing sourcing process used by many tea companies. We work with our farmers to select small lots of leaves that can be traced directly to their source. Our method of sourcing merits us the ability of ensuring the exact location of our leaves, the conditions they are grown under, the quality of those leaves, and the preservation of fair and equitable trade with our growers. 


Our Pricing


We are focused on being transparent with consumers about our supply chain, including how much it costs us to source and import each tea, and by extension, how much of a markup we are charging. Customers should know where, and to whom, their money is going.

Lower costs. Lower Margins. Larger Savings

Permanently on sale 30% - 50% from competitor pricing


Our Quality

Premium Teas

We spent two years getting to know our farmers, visiting farms that specialize in particular teas and finding experts in different regions, so that we can bring you the best teas at an affordable price.

Due to our approach and our pricing, 100% more of the retail price goes directly to the farmer, allowing Leafy Green to attract the best farmers who care for their land, their teas, and their reputation.